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Ductless Heat Pumps: Energy Efficient Wonders Go Where Ductwork Cannot

Do you want air conditioning in a boiler-heated home that lacks ductwork?

Are you building a room addition with no easy way to tie into existing ductwork?

One or more split-ductless air conditioners might be your answer.

split ductless air conditioner A split-ductless air conditioner is designed to work without ductwork to cool a space smaller than an entire house. It consists of a wall- or ceiling-mounted indoor unit plus an outdoor condenser similar to that of a central air conditioner.

Split-ductless air conditioners have many advantages over window units. They are far more energy efficient, much quieter, and they don't take up window space.

They are even more energy efficient than most central air conditioning. While most central air conditioning systems attain SEER ratings of 16 or less, it is not uncommon to attain a SEER of 20 - 30 efficiency with a split-ductless air conditioner. You can add an option to control your Mitsubishi split ductless from your smartphone.

Not all local companies know how to install this type of air conditioner. BETHKE's installation experts have extensive training and experience installing the Mitsubishi line of split-ductless air conditioners. If fact, Mitsubishi has awarded us its Diamond Elite Dealer status , based on our level of training and expertise. This award allows us to offer longer warranties than other companies.

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