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Preventative Maintenance

Why Should I Do It?

The proverbial “ounce of prevention” can be worth many pounds of cure.

You know that maintenance is important for your car. If you don't change your oil, filters, and belts, you risk serious damage to your car's engine. The manufacturer recommends a schedule of periodic inspections and adjustments to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Failure to perform this maintenance can invalidate your warranty.

Just like car makers, HVAC manufacturers warranty their products under the assumption that the recommended maintenance will be done in a timely manner. Neglecting regular maintenance can result in damage to your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner.

Regular preventative maintenance is a smart financial investment:

  • Well maintained equipment uses less energy and costs less to run. This means more money in your pocket while doing a good deed for our environment.
  • Small problems can be corrected before they become costly big problems.
  • Clean, properly adjusted equipment lasts longer.

Follow These Two Important Maintenance Steps to Keep Your Equipment Running at Peak Performance

  1. If you have a forced air system, change your air filter at the recommended interval.

    The air filter prevents dirt from being drawn into your furnace and air conditioner. If the insides of your equipment become dirt-clogged, air flow is restricted. Insufficient air flow stresses major components, which can lead to costly break downs and reduced energy efficiency.

    Call us if you are not sure which filter type is best for your home, or if you are not sure how often to change your filter. We'll be glad to assist. To learn more, see our section about furnace air filters.

  2. Have your heating and cooling equipment serviced annually.

    In our climate, we get extremes of both cold and hot weather, and our heating and cooling equipment works very hard. Yearly maintenance is recommended.

    While furnace and boiler maintenance can be performed all year round, air conditioner tune-ups can only be done when outside temperatures are at least 65°F. Many of our customers prefer to have their heating equipment serviced in the fall or winter and their cooling equipment serviced in the summer.

    Our tune-up specialists meticulously inspect and clean your equipment, check the operation of controls and electrical connections, make adjustments, and replace certain small parts as needed, at no extra charge.

    They run tests to detect any carbon monoxide leaks in the system, and they check for gas leaks in gas furnaces, and refrigerant leaks in air conditioners. Following a comprehensive check list, they cover every inch of your equipment.

    When they have completed their work, they review their findings with you. They explain any concerns or recommendations, and answer your questions.

    Call us at 608-251-2222 to schedule a BETHKE tune-up for an individual furnace, boiler or air conditioner OR to sign up for a substantially discounted tune-up package.

Maintenance Plans: That's One Less Thing to Worry About!

Preventative Maintenance service for furnaces, air conditioners, boilers Sign up for a maintenance plan to save money and take one more thing off your to-do list!

Here's How It Works:

Maintenance Plans are offered for periods of one year (12 months), two years (24 months), or three years (36 months). The first year includes three tune-ups, while additional years or renewals include two tune-ups.

For example: If you sign up when you need a furnace tune-up in the winter, the first year of your maintenance plan includes this first furnace tune-up, an air conditioner tune-up approximately six months later, and another furnace tune-up the next winter, 12 months later. The second year (or renewal of a 12-month plan) includes one air conditioner tune-up and one furnace tune-up.

If you have a boiler system without air conditioning, or a boiler plus one or more split-ductless air conditioners, we can customize a maintenance plan for you.

You pay up front for your Maintenance Plan. In return you receive a substantial cost discount.

Every Maintenance Plan Also Includes:

  • 15% discount on parts and labor for repairs. Regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, but emergencies can happen. Should you need a repair, you save money. (Please note that we cannot apply this discount to the standard diagnostic fee.)
  • No after hours surcharges for repairs. If you have an emergency after regular business hours, you get the added perk of regular business hour repair rates plus the 15% discount — even if it's New Year's Eve or Thanksgiving! (Please note that we cannot apply this discount to the standard diagnostic fee.)
  • And best of all, you get free reminders! We call you when it is time to schedule your next service. One less thing to worry about.

Call BETHKE Heating & Air Conditioning today at 608-251-2222 to schedule your maintenance service.