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<h3>First Time Customer Special: $25 Off Repair Service</h3> <p>Print this coupon and present it at time of sale.<br/>Not valid with any other offer. Not valid on prior service or sales. Coupon applies to repair cost only and may not be used to reduce standard diagnostic charge.</p>


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Wisconsin Rebates

The Wisconsin Focus on Energy Residential Rewards Cash-Back Program rewards homeowners for the installation of certain high efficiency heating and cooling systems.

BETHKE Heating & Air Conditioning is a trade ally of Wisconsin Focus on Energy. When you purchase qualified heating equipment, we complete the paperwork required for you to receive your Cash-Back Reward. This is a special service we provide as a courtesy to BETHKE customers.

FURNACES eligible for this program must feature a “multi-stage burner” and an ECM “variable speed” motor. The one exception is for 95% efficient gas furnaces purchased by homeowners who are income-qualified for an enhanced reward.

BOILERS eligible for this program must be powered by natural gas.

AIR CONDITIONERS meeting a 16 SEER standard, installed together with a new qualifiing 95% efficient furnace, can qualify for a reward.

HEAT PUMPS, which provide summer cooling as well as supplemental winter heat, must be rated at least 16 SEER, with a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor of at least 8.4. Eligible heat pumps must be paired with a furnace powered by liquid propane, fuel oil, or electricity.

NEW BONUS REWARD! To receive a $250 bonus rebate, combine any of the cash-back improvements listed below with “Whole House Improvements” that include home air leak sealing and insulation. HVAC and whole house improvements must both be completed within a 90 day time period. While BETHKE does not provide these secondary improvements, there are many fine insulation and weatherization experts in our area. We are happy to coordinate our HVAC services with your weatherization contractor to ensure that you can qualify for the bonus. Additional information can be found on the Wisconsin Focus on Energy website.

Wisconsin Income-Eligible Incentives

Significantly larger Cash-Back Rewards are available to Wisconsin residents with household incomes below 80% of the state median income. These enhanced rewards help make new energy efficient heating equipment more affordable.

Contact BETHKE Heating & Air Conditioning today at 608-251-2222 for complete details!

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